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Friday, August 6, 2010

State Fair Again

I've got one last post about my trip to the State Fairgrounds and this particular one makes me happy for several reasons.

Several years ago they decided to build a new arena at the Fairgrounds.  The old one was small, outdated and has seen better days.  They started construction on the new arena last year and it's going to be ready to host it's first events this year for State Fair.  That's really nice for me (and a lot of others too!) because I'll get to see the equestrian events in the new venue.  YEAH!!  Plus, the arena is directly attached to the stables so it will be a whole lot easier to move the horses from the stables to the arena.  In the past the horses had to be led through the crowds to get to the arena for their events.  Really not the best idea for horses OR humans!  Okay.  So that's all really nice BUT...................  For whatever reason (and I haven't a clue!) they've chosen to decorate the outside of the new arera with QUILT BLOCKS!  415 of them to be precise!  I LOVE IT!  Greg was told by the guy putting up the blocks that the colors were chosen by children.  I think that's pretty neat too!  I not only think the blocks look wonderful -- but I've been having fantasies of all 800 of those quilts we judged hung up in the arena for all the world to see!  Now THAT would be a QUILT SHOW!!!

Doesn't the arena look great too?  It's the big glassed in area behind the brick facade.

The quilt blocks don't look too big here but I'd guess they're about 18"-24".

You can just barely see the guy on the scaffold who's putting them up.  He was having a wonderful time deciding what designs should go next to each other!  


  1. How cool it that. I love the quilt blocks on the building

  2. One of my friends from guild (another former Iowan) posted about them on Facebook yesterday. How cool is that? Wish you'd taken pics of the blue ribbon quilts. Next year you'll have to give Greg that assignment!