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Monday, August 9, 2010


Well, we had a very quiet weekend at our house.  On Friday evening we headed over to Clutier (a small, neighboring town) to their Veteran's Appreciation Event which they held in conjunction with their Annual Fun Days.  They put on a very nice program and followed it up with a polka band street dance.  (It IS a Czech community!)  Unfortunately, it was so miserably hot and humid that not many folks wanted to dance but there were a number of people sitting in the shade listening to the music.  They also had food for sale -- which included kolaches, of course!  For those who don't know -- kolaches are kind of the Czech equivalent of a Danish -- only much better when that's what you grew up eating!

It was still miserable outside on Saturday so I opted to stay indoors and work on unfinished projects.  One of those projects is a quilt that started out as a block demo project for the top method of paper piecing.  I did a couple of blocks and fell in love with sthe pattern so I  just kept going.  The name of the block is Dusty Miller.  So far I've got 30 blocks but I think I've decided to make it queen size -- so I'll be making more blocks and adding them in.

If this miserable weather continues I just might get a few projects finished! 


  1. Oh how beautiful! I have never tried paper piecing, but it is on my list to do.

    We had a wedding reception, otherwise we would have been at Clutier Days. I missed my kolaches!!!

  2. I love kolaches! Had good friends in college from Wilber and Crete Nebraska area and spent a lot of time eating that good food including kolaches.

  3. You are making me sad I wasn't there. I can make my own kolaches but everything tastes better in the open air, although hot humid air..not so much!
    Love, love, love that Dusty Miller!