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Sunday, August 2, 2009

News From South Carolina!

I just received an e-mail from Pat W. who lives in South Carolina. Pat has ordered a number of things from my website so we were kind of acquainted because of that. Then, this spring when I was vending at the AQS Paducah show Pat found my booth and we got a chance to visit for a few minutes. I love that! It's so nice to have a face to put with a name. When we were visiting Pat said that she'd send me photos of two of my patterns that she'd completed and I just received them. WOW!! I love to see how my patterns "grow up" when they leave home so it's a real treat for me to receive these photos. THANK YOU PAT!! (FYI: Mike & Maia have to approve all of my quilts too!)

Here's what Pat had to say today.

"Hey, Cynthie! Kudos on your new blog. I finally found the pics I wanted to send you. The Galaxy Star I made for a grand-daughter's wedding gift last year and the Red Hot Leftovers I made for myself. As you can see, it received the Daisy (my Yorkie) seal of approval - but don't look too closely - you might find my humility block! I'm looking forward to those new designs you're working on. Keep up the good work!

Pat, SC

Here's Pat's Galaxy. I did this pattern several years ago and it's been really popular. I think this looks spectacular and it's a great color combo!

Daisy's a sweetheart and I'm glad Red Hot meets with her approval! Good job Pat! I really like the mix of reds and backgrounds! Red Hot Leftovers is my current favorite quilt -- probably because I did mine in reds too and that's my favorite color. I really want to do one in scraps because I think it'd be great but I just haven't had time.

Once again -- thank you so much Pat! I really do appreciate the photos and also the kind words.

Change of Subject: Tomorrow I head to Des Moines to judge quilts at the Iowa State Fair. It's a wonderful job and I look forward to it all year but it's a really long day. Last year there were somewhere around 675 entries to be judged. There are two of us judging but that's STILL a lot to do in one day. The bad part is that my brain just get TIRED. The good part is that I get to see so many wonderful quilts! I'll report back and have photos later this week.


  1. loved seeing the Galaxy star quilt and the red hot scrapy quilt, they are beutiful. I am still working on my Galaxy, but as usual have decided to make it bigger. Now I need to make 8 more large stars and a gazillion small stars. lol :)I'll send pictures when I get the top together.

  2. wow, those quilts are amazing...