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Monday, August 17, 2009

I FINALLY got to stay home this weekend and do some things around the house that I've been wanting to do. I spent Saturday cooking: Mary's recipe for New York rye bread, some fajita mix that turned out to be really and a new recipe for homemade pizza sauce that was REALLY good. It always makes me feel good when I can cook and have the time to enjoy the process. Too often I'm just trying to get something on the table and that's not nearly as much fun. One of our friends also showed up with two big bags of sweetcorn -- about 8 dozen ears -- so that needed to be cut off the cob and put in the freezer. I actually got a lot done!

Truthfully, I had a plan for the weekend -- work on Sat. and then SEW on Sunday!!! It worked! (I can hardly believe it!) I made it into my sewing room and got the last pieces of my Fractured Star lap quilt put together (had the corner blocks yet to sew) and then put the whole top together. It feels good to finally get something DONE! Now I need to decide on a backing fabric and get it to someone to quilt.

I've got another lap quilt cut out and I want to get busy on it but who knows when that will happen. I also started sewing on a raggy flannel baby quilt. I decided that I could do that at night since it doesn't take much brain power to sew X's on layered squares! If I persevere I may actually get some projects done.


  1. You CAN do it- I tend to purpose to do a particular project only to spend my time on something totally different. Wonder if I need to tell myself NOT to work on this or that so it will seem more exciting! Love you stars! cw

  2. I was at one of your workshops in South Carolina and have finished my Galaxy star quilt top, it is king size. Look for "finished top" in my August archives on
    Thanks for teaching The Carolina Pine Quilters your Galaxy Stars.

  3. I was at the Town & Country (Joplin, MO) Guild meeting today and one of the gals asked about my Fractured Star quilt that I put in their show last April. She said it was her favorite quilt in the show! She was curious about the pattern so I pointed her in your direction. It really is a great pattern. Mine looks a bit different since I added a border.