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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Bit of Vacation

Greg and I were lucky enough to spend a few days at our friends' trailer on a lake.  It's not a large trailer and I was a little concerned because I can get a little claustraphobic at times -- but it was wonderful!  The weather cooperated with the temps mostly in the 80's.  We did have a couple of cold nights but we were toasty warm with the furnace taking the chill off.  The leaves were turning, the lake was beautiful and there were all kinds of critters and birds to keep things interesting!  Greg spent a lot of time fishing and I spent time at a table outside cutting out fabric for a quilt I'm working on.  I actually got most of the cutting done and ended up sitting outside with my featherweight sewing away.......It was wonderful!   (You'll see this latest project when I've actually got a block or two to show you!)  I also went on a trail ride with some friends.  (As far as I'm concerned any time spent on horseback is time well spent!)  Greg and I both had an absolutely wonderful time and we're already planning our next trip to the lake!   

Isn't this a cute trailer!  We were really VERY comfortable living here for a few days!  Besides -- the view of the lake is incredible!

Greg caught a fish!  He's pretty put out at me because the only "fish" photo I took was with this tiny little sunfish.  He actually did catch some larger fish but I didn't have the camera when he did.


I love this photo of Greg and Jack (The Wonder Dog) on the deck.  It just looks so peaceful to me.

Let me introduce you to Peaches (aka King Copper Wood).  (Peaches is the one on the left.  That's Deb, my best friend on the right)  I rode her on the trail ride and she's a wonderful quarterhorse with exceptional manners.  Peaches now resides close to our home so we're going to get really well acquainted! 

At some point, hopefully soon, I'll have some piecing and/or quilting to show you.  Now that the garden is finished and summer chores are winding down I'm heading to my sewing room whenever I get the chance.   

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