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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!

Today is Greg's birthday. We're having a quiet celebration at home tonight and we'll celebrate again later this week when we get together with his family for Thanksgiving. I'm a VERY lucky woman to be married to my best friend, biggest cheerleader, most tolerant critic and the biggest goofball I know. He's my hero. Not only for his outstanding military service and his never-ending support and work for veteran's and POW/MIA issues but also for how he leads his life. He's one of the good guys and I love him for it! (Of course, it doesn't hurt that he makes tea for me every morning either!)

Happy Birthday Lumberjack Man!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Greg and Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. I think you deserve each other (in a good way!)

  2. Found ya! Happy Birthday, Greg. "oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK".....anyway, have a great one and it doesn't say how old you are! tee hee hee

  3. Sorry Uncle , didnt know I had missed your bday !!!!!
    have it down in my facebook now lol . Great quilts auntie , would love to get miladie into quilting , but she dont sew , that is my job. Your nephew Andrew.