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Friday, July 29, 2011

Overdue Update

I've decided that I'm a terrible blogger.  I get so busy "doing" that I don't even think about "posting" until long after the fact and I never seem to have a camera with me when I need it.  I'm sorry.  I'll try to do better!  Okay. 'Nuff said about that.

Looking back.........  we were getting ready to vend in Paducah when I posted the last time.  We had a wonderful time -- as usual.  I've said it often -- Paducah is my absolute favorite show!  I LOVE doing that show.  This year the show turned out to have some real challenges associated with it.  The whole town was getting prepared to be FLOODED!  We arrived in town with a little trepidation because we knew the situation was getting very serious and we weren't sure, at that point, whether the AQS would even be able to hold the show.  Silly us!  In a matter of 36 hours Bonnie Browning and her astonishing corps of people managed to relocate several HUNDRED quilt entries, several HUNDRED vendors and I-don't-know-how-many classes.  Add to that getting new maps printed AFTER re-routing all the various free bus routes that transported people to all the new venues.  It was a Herculean Feat and I don't know how they managed it.

I know there were a handful of disgruntled vendors and I imagine there were a few attendees who  decided to stay home but overall -- it was a really outstanding show!  The attitude seemed to be that "we're all in this together so we might as well have a good time!"  It was absolutely great!  We didn't even have any bitchers or complainers show up in our booth -- which is REALLY unusual!  (It seems like there are always a couple of those no matter where you go.) 

All in all -- the show was good (albeit a lot more exciting than we anticipated!), people were wonderful, sales were just fine, the food was great and once again we had a wonderful time in Paducah! 

Here are a couple of photos of our booth in Paducah.  I should have gotten our sign in the photo!  Never thought about that!

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  1. nice I haven't been to paducah (yet) I drive through on way to nashville but never during anything fun!