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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere!

I've had people crabbing at me for a long time about getting a blog going. I've been really hesitant about doing so because I honestly don't believe that I've got too much to say that's noteworthy! However, I've become frustrated because people are kind enough to send me wonderful photos of projects that I've designed and they've completed and I need a way to share those photos with others so................ A blog seems to be the best alternative for doing that. Please be patient with me while I'm learning!

Feel free to jump in with questions or comments any time you feel the need.

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  1. you have made a good start, I enjoyed seeing the quilts your gals were working on. I had to start my blog over when our site crashed a few months ago, it is hard getting into the spirit of posting it all over again, but in blog world you can do what you want, so any time you have something to show off, bring it on. be good cw